• Sloup is a monthly soup dinner that crowdfunds arts
  • & community impact projects in St. Louis, MO.
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St. Louis is a monthly soup dinner that crowdfunds arts and community impacts projects in St. Louis, MO.

What does that mean?

One Sunday per month, Sloup brings people together at a different venue, over a different soup and a packet of community-based projects proposed by artists and activists. For a donation of $10, you get soup, snacks, drink, and a ballot to vote on the proposals. Vote for your favorite ideas, and the one with the most votes gets all of the money raised at the door!

Because all of Sloup’s inputs are donated, every dollar raised at Sloup goes directly to that month’s winning idea. Even ideas that don’t win the cash pot still benefit from pitching their ideas, meeting interested attendees, and sometimes even sourcing what they needed to begin with! Multiple times have Sloup presenters received extra in-kind support to enable their project, from audience members who heard their idea and had something extra to give.

This model has enabled us to give over $30,000 to dozens of creative projects in the St. Louis region — raised one bowl of soup at a time.

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Extra special thanks to Nebula Coworking for being an ongoing cash sponsor of Sloup!



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  1. Hello,

    I just discovered you …. I am looking forward to coming on the 28th this is fantastic idea and can’t wait to meet all who come.

    Kelli Sansone


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