• Sloup is a monthly soup dinner that crowdfunds arts
  • & community impact projects in St. Louis, MO.
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Before Sloup

To present your project at a Sloup, please submit a one-page PDF document to by midnight the Sunday before the month’s Sloup (i.e. one week in advance).

Sloup proposals are free-format! Your proposal can include text, images — whatever best communicates your project. Your one-page proposal will be printed in black and white and distributed in a packet to be read by all Sloup attendees/voters at the event. It will also be published online for all to see.

If we receive your email, we will send a confirmation reply; If you don’t get a reply, assume we didn’t see it and send it again!

At Sloup

During Sloup, you will have the opportunity to speak about your proposal. Presentations MUST BE under two minutes, but feel free to bring whatever you need to make your presentation more exciting (as long as it directly relates to your idea). Visual, audible, and performance aides are welcome!

The expectation is that after you present your idea, Sloup participants can approach you with more specific questions and interest. Get excited to engage people with your project in a face-to-face way!

Sloup guests choose their favorite ideas, and the proposal with the most votes wins the funds raised at the door! We count the ballots and post the results online within two days. The winners will be responsible for collecting their Sloup grant in the days following.

Some suggestions for your application:

Some questions to answer:

  • What are you making?
  • How will you make it?
  • When? What’s your timeline?
  • What is the proposed budget? How would you use the funds from Sloup?
  • What’s a thing you heard/saw recently about the making of art or community that you embrace?

Other recommendations:

  • Apply early, and print a poster from this website to post in the places you frequent!
  • Invite your friends, and talk about Sloup on social media all month leading up to the event.
  • Get creative on your proposal, and feel free to bring small samples of your work or visual aides to the Sloup.

Our suggestions are just that — suggestions! Please feel free to break the mold and do whatever represents you and your project best.

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