• Sloup is a monthly soup dinner that crowdfunds arts
  • & community impact projects in St. Louis, MO.
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Sloup occurs the last Sunday of the month, from 5 to 7 PM. Occasionally, we reschedule due to a holiday (especially look out in May, August, and November/December).

One of the best parts about Sloup is that it rotates to different venues with different food sponsors each month. Please get the most up-to-date event details via our Facebook Events.

The next Sloup

Please note: October is the last “normal” Sloup of each calendar year. In November and December, we do not hold project-funding Sloups. Instead, we mush together the two months into a CONDENSED SLOUP, the proceeds of which support Sloup itself. That’s right — we have a Sloup for Sloup! It’s a blast and a special time to connect with the Sloup community during the holidays.

Seeking volunteers!

Please contact us at to volunteer with Sloup. Typically, we are looking for help to set up, staff, and take down the event. In exchange, you’ll get free admission/ballot and a warm fuzzy feeling.

See you at the next Sloup!


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